~Salon Toujours Belle opened its doors for service on November 10, 2012.  

The creation of this unique salon evolved primarily out of a personal and 

professional desire to provide beauty within the walls of beauty.  


Personally, I have always wanted to work in a salon where positive and 

motivating interactions between clients and stylists were common daily 

standards, so that clients would feel beautified inside and out and our 

stylists would feel accomplished at days end.  Unfortunately, I never found 

that salon, thus I created my own, Salon Toujours Belle.  


At our salon you will be provided with hair services by some of the most 

amazing stylists in the north metro area.  These stylists have been essential 

to our immediate success. They are a remarkable team that works toward 

a collective goal of maintaining a beautiful, clean and comfortable 

environment in which all feel welcomed and cared for.  Additionally, our 

aim is not only to have everyone love the hair we give them, but to 

walk out our doors feeling better about their hair and life in general.  

We also believe in having fun while we work, with each other and with 

our clients.  Therefore, we provide complimentary coffee, wine and 

microbrews so that each of you have 

the most delightful 

experience ever.

We are so thankful for the support we have received from our stylist, clients and 

community.  We hope to grow in favor as our salon continues to serve...